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Type: Linear Mounting type: 5 pin MaterialTop: UHMWPE Bottom: PolycarbonateStem: UHMWPE Spring: 63.5 Double spring Manufacturer: Tecsee*Each order is sold in packs of 10*

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A lovely pink linear manufactured by JWK featuring an extended UHMWPE stem, nylon top housing, and polyamide blend bottom housing. Switches are sold in packs of 10. Quantity 1 = 10 switches. Specifications: Linear 4.0mm travel / 2.0mm actuation Stem: P3 (A proprietary UHMWPE blend from JWK) Top Housing: Polycarbonate

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OA Switch. Mechanical Keyboard Linear Switches. The OA switch is designed by Wuque Studio and manufactured by JWK. It is a 5 pin PCB mounted linear switch with a 67g gold-plated spring, Polycarbonate top housing, UHMWPE bottom housing, and POM stem material.

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The material for these stems is also self lubricating and abrasion resistant. All these properties combined make the UHMWPE linear stems capable of providing one of the smoothest typing experiences when swapped into a housing of your choice. This item is sold in 110 stem packs. Only compatible with Cherry MX style switches.

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Tecsee Ice Candy Switches come in either a nylon stem or an UHMWPE stem, both offering two unique typing experiences. The name is derived from its fully clear housing and clear/white stem. Tecsee Ice Candy Features: 10 included in each pack Linear Top Housing: PC Bottom Housing: PC Long-Pole Stem Stem: Nylon Bottom Out

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My stream schedule on Twitch is Monday 6:30PM PT, Wednesday 6:30PM PT, and Saturday morning around 10am PT. https:// was a highl...

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Lychee UHMWPE switches are inspired by lychee fruits and feature an UHMWPE stem and full nylon housing. UHMWPE is a unique material with a lower coefficient of friction than POM. It's a softer material that's self-lubricating, and highly resistant to abrasion. These distinct properties result in …

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Continue this thread. level 1. aeonOW. · 1y. I haven't been able to find anything on Alpaca housing and PE stem, but on our Discord server we've found that Cherry housings work well with PE stems. IMHO Alpacas sound and feel fine on their own, but it's personal preference. 2. level 2. JustAnAlpacaBot.

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The switches feature an UHMWPE stem, Gateron's proprietary KS8 housing mould, and a PC top, and the stabilizers have Nylon housing and a POM stem. Both have been designed with acoustics and keypress smoothness in mind! Check out the keycaps that are being offered as well! ...

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Features: JWK manufactured Linear 67g gold plated spring Polycarbonate top housing UHMWPE bottom housing POM stem 5 pin PCB mount . The OA Switch from Wuque Studio is a new linear switch manufactured by JWK. Like the color and materials but want a different spring weight? Checkout our slow springs to customize the feel!

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Tangerines feature a UHMWPE housing coloured in a transparent orange with a green POM stem. UHMWPE is an acronym for ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. Now I won't bore you with the science (because I don't know it) but it's got a lower friction coefficient than the plastics you see in switches nowadays.

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2020. 1/21 - Laseron Switch/UHMWPE Stem Review. 1/25 - Novelkeys Sherbet Switch Review. 1/31 - Panda Switch Table. 2/6 - C3 Equalz Tangerine V2 Switch Review. 2/6 - Meta Update I. 2/15 - Silent Alpaca Switch Review. 2/22 - H1s, Obsidians, and More Switch Drama. 3/11 - Phoenix Stem Review.

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Tecsee Switches 63.5g Gold Plated Double Spring PME Top Housing PME Bottom Housing UHMWPE Stem (Regular Length) Tactile (Standard Tecsee Stem) 3.0mm travel Unlubed Available in packs of 36, 72, 108, and 144 The tactility is the same as other Tecsee Tactile switches and is similar to TKC Kiwis. There's little to no pre

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Lychee UHMWPE Linear switches are inspired by lychee fruits and feature an UHMWPE stem and full nylon housing. UHMWPE is a unique material with a lower coefficient of friction than POM. It's a softer material that's self-lubricating, and highly resistant to abrasion.

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Dusk Panda. $6.00. Switches are sold in packs of 10. Quantity 1 = 10 switches. Orange Dusk Panda: Orange POM Tactile stem Custom stem (Not a Halo or YOK Purple stem, similar to T1) 5 Pin Full PC smokey housing 67g (bottom out) spring Designed by AlphaKeys Blue Dusk Panda: Blue POM Linear stem…

Anyone know how the combo of Invyr UHMWPE stem + Tangerine ...

I have the uhmwpe stems + r2 housing set up. I used nk cream tops, films and 58g SPRiT, housing stems and springs lubed lightly with 206g00 and it's smoother than any other of my very smooth linears—lubed vintage blacks, tealios, creams by themselves, et al. These "creamsicles" as I'm calling them are a bit smoother than the rest even ...

Tecsee Ruby V2 Linear Switches – Divinikey

Tecsee Ruby V2 Switches feature their unique sparkly housing with an updated UHMWPE stem. With its long-pole stem, it has a smooth travel with a softened bottom out. Tecsee Ruby V2 Switches Feature: 10 included in each pack Linear Top Housing: Polycarbonate Mix Bottom Housing: Polycarbonate Mix Stem: UHMWPE Pre-Travel:

Tecsee Ruby V2 – Invokeys Co.

1 Quantity = 10 switches. Specifications: Type: Linear Top Housing: PC mix Bottom Housing: PC mix Stem: UHMWPE 63.5g bottom out 3.8mm total travel Double long gold spring 5 pin MX style housing …

OA Switch W/ UHMWPE Stem : switchmodders

Holy Pandas: halo stem, panda housing (the type of holy panda is based on the panda housing used) Holy T1s: halo stem. T1 housing. Pacos: halo stem, NK cream housing. Pomerons: Durock pom stem, Durock pom top, Gateron ink v2 bottom. #Silky Inks: JWK v2 stem (usually seals or NK silks), Gateron KS-3 top, Gateron ink or ink v2 bottom.

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C³ Tangerine Rev2. normal. slight.

Lubed from the factory with a lube that was stated to be exclusive to C3 switches. This gives it the potential to be extremely smooth stock, but batches can vary. Was stated to be similar to Krytox 204.

. yes.

Quite uncommon amongst switches, they have UHMWPE housings which makes for a fantastically ...

Tangerine switches Review and Complete Guide-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

• Housing is made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), a unique plastic material with better performance than other ordinary plastics, such as POM. Cons. Nothing much. I liked the switch very much. Tangerine Switch Sound Test. Tangerine switches are of the linear type, and hence they are of the silent type.

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This stem mold is owned by AEBoards; Material: Currently in Custom Mixed PE (MPE): UHMWPE is one of the smoothest plastics however this material suffers from shrinkage rates. Our solution was to create a MPE that enables us to get smoothness and good shrinking rates. Previously in POM and UHMWPE

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While I am uncertain as to whether this is the result of new top housing molds or the more likely potential in new stem molds for the UHMWPE stems, these have significantly better stem wobble in both the N/S and E/W directions as compared to their older, KS3 counterparts. In fact, I'd imagine this stem wobble within the range of most likely ...

C3 Tangerine R2 UHMWPE Housings - Review w/ Sound Clips ...

I used my UHMWPE stems in both the tealios v2 housings and the c3 tangerine v2's and found the tealio housing still better. also sounds very deep in tealio housing vs still high pitched in C3 tangerines. Can definitely recommend the UHMWPE in tealio v2 housings though. favorite switch ever now.

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Cow Switches. From Infinity Key come the Cow switches! Available in four housing colours and two stem materials, allowing for a variety of options for your keyboard building needs! Switches come bundled in groups of 10. Switch Type – Linear. Material – POM housing, POM or UHMWPE stem. Spring Weight – 63.5g.

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The high strength application of UHMWPE is actually what allows for its use in joint replacements and bullet-proof vests. Being the newest material to be used in switch manufacturing, UHMWPE has seen usage in both Invyr's UHMWPE aftermarket stems and through JWK in the housings of the C3 Equalz Tangerine V2 switches.