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How to Assemble a MOLLE Backpack with Attachments. Heavy duty tactical backpacks can be confusing with so many pouches, straps, buckles and attachment options to operate, but the experts at 5.11 can show you how to properly assemble your pack so you're always prepared for duty.. First of all, MOLLE – which is pronounced like "Molly" and stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment ...

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A rigid molle panel can be installed in a vehicle, gun case, or garage to hold heavier gear like firearms without sagging. MOLLE Panels. Most of the time, you'll see a MOLLE back panel on the outside of a pack. They typically take up the entire front panel of the backpack, giving you a fair bit of space to add pouches and hang gear. Some ...

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Georgia. May 29, 2015. #1. Here's my newest molle belt setup, very similar to my woodland except it's geared more for hunting and less for bushcraft. I didn't wanna put as much stuff on this one to keep down on the weight and not use suspenders. I love these belts, fairly cheap (19.95 +6 shipping) and they are stiff so your gear is held solid.

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The main components of a MOLLE pack are: the tactical assault panel, the rucksack, a hydration bladder and numerous modular pouches. What's the best part of MOLLE? Yes. The benefits of the MOLLE setup are many in number. First, the interior of a MOLLE pack has several locking pouches for securely transporting small items.

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This is a 20L pack with flap top. The whole thing has MOLLE up the sides, front, and along the lid. That makes it very easy to attach pouches or lash things like shelter components. I inserted a frame pad within an interior sleeve that also holds a water bladder. A zippered pouch at the inside top holds small essentials.

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US Military Issue MOLLE Army ACU Digital Camo WAIST PACK Hip Butt Fanny Pouch VGC Our Price: $5.90 US Military Issue Army ACU Camo MOLLE II Hand Grenade Pouch Specialty Defense NSN 5-0589 BRAND NEW

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The MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) rucksack is the only current Army issue as of 2011, and is designed so soldiers can use both the inside and the outside to carry belongings. The MOLLE rucksack's plastic frame, padded waistband and adjustable shoulder straps allow it to be fitted to a soldier of almost any size.

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Rothco MOLLE II 3-Day Assault Pack. Cammenga G.I. Military Phosphorescent Lensatic Compass. Rothco Relaxed Fit Zipper Fly BDU Pants. Rothco Poly/Cotton Twill Solid BDU Shirts.

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Setup 3 – Vehicle & Jump Out. This is the configuration I use the most. The main component of the setup is the EGL Variable Objective Chest Rig which is a MOLLE/PALS panel. This allows you to obviously use anything designed to mount to MOLLE/PALS. In my case I needed access to my pistol, handcuffs, tourniquet and two pistol magazines.

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The ruck sack weighs 8 pounds, making it a bit on the heavy side for civilian use. However, if you need something ultra durable and that can carry 100 lbs for 25 miles, this is the pack. If you are in the Army, this is the only option you have, so wear it often and get used to it!

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Waist Pack Assault Pack Medic Bag The MOLLE System consists of the Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) with speciali zed pockets, the Large Ruck, the Assault Pack, the Frame, Sustainment pockets, Waist Pack, Six-foot Lashing Straps, Hydration System, Repair Kit, and additional pouches.


Overview. Much like Wifi did for the internet, the MOLLE standard really opened up a lot of options for the Military Gear market. MOLLE is a whole new generation of gear sets, and with such, we pack differently than we did in days past. Back when I was in our beloved Corps, we had what was called "782 Gear" which consisted of a few different pieces of equipment, all tied together through ...

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It's fairly common for me to see people hiking around with large MOLLE packs without anything attached, which defeats the purpose of having the webbing there...

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M.O.L.L.E. (Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment System) Backpack Set. This is basic setup which includes main pack setup, two sustainment pouches, and sleeping bag carrier. Additional MOLLE II gear can be attached.

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ALICE Pack with MSS Carrier and Molle Straps. UPDATES! How to attach FASTEX buckles to your Alice pack, a tutorial. Added a nice video on HOW to attach the MOLLE straps to the ALICE frame. Scroll down to see it. I figured it's time to do a short post and video about the pack I use when I go out wilderness camping and bushcrafting.

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The Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) Set, NSN 5-0575 (pictured above; sometimes called the "Rifleman Configuration"), is the most basic and commonly used assembly of these components. The FLC Set consists of the following components: 1. FLC Vest, NSN 5-0577, 1ea 2. M16/M4 Two magazine pouch, NSN 5-0606, 3ea 3.

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MOLLE set with the appropriate pockets to match your squad posi-tion. The MOLLE system consists of the fighting load vest, the main rucksack, the sleep sys-tem carrier, the patrol pack, the frame, sustainment pockets, six foot lashing straps, hydration bladder, repair kit, and additional pockets.

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How to Assemble a MOLLE Backpack with Attachments. Heavy duty tactical backpacks can be confusing with so many pouches, straps, buckles and attachment options to operate, but the experts at 5.11 can show you how to properly assemble your pack so you're always prepared for duty.. First of all, MOLLE …

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How to set up molle pouches for quick attach/release? Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by northslope, Dec 22, 2010. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > northslope ... Slightly smaller and built better and I don't like the way the Condor pouch fits on the pack. Thus, what should I use to attach the FR-1 (or other pouch) so that it can be quickly removed and ...

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The MOLLE Rifleman Set is the current RFI MOLLE system for the US Army. The Core Rifleman System (5-0578) includes items 1 to 8 listed below. The Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) Set, pictured above (NSN 5-0575) includes items 1 through 5 listed below.. 1. Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) Vest, NSN 5-0577, 1ea 2. Fragmentation Hand Grenade Pouch, NSN 8465 …

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With the use of this webbing system, military personnel and other public safety professionals are able to fully customize the way their equipment is set up. Patriot Outfitters carries over 260 different types of MOLLE gear and MOLLE accessories from the industry's leading brands including Condor, 5.11 Tactical, Galls, Maxpedition and more.

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A molle panel is a type of panel that takes molle webbing. The panels sold on are designed to be placed in the back of your seat, trunk, dashboard, center console, cases, or safes. You can mount them anywhere you can imagine really. They are set up to hold rifles, handguns, and accessory that has become popular for people who love ...


(1) USMC New Pack – the USMC new pack is a modular system that can be configured into two different torso length patterns: the Normal and Long. It has a large main pouch that can be closed to allow for a sleeping system compartment and a radio pouch. It has a draw string close top.


Not applicable to the MOLLE II system. PREPARATION FOR STORAGE OR SHIPMENT The MOLLE II is shipped in sealed plastic. Do not store the MOLLE II in any medium that could trap moisture and cause degradation of the equipment. Make sure components are packed in airtight or moisture-free environment for longtime storage or for shipment.

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MOLLE Gear, Mag Pouches & Taco MOLLE Pouches. MOLLE system, Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment was designed to be a load bearing system that allows for additional MOLLE compatible pouches to be attached to your tactical backpack. MOLLE is normally constructed in rows of heavy-duty nylon stitched onto the tactical vest and tactical bags.

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The next mod is the most drastic change, it is a set of molle waist and shoulder straps added to the pack. They increase comfort 20x. My final mod is to add a medium sized waste basket into the pack, it adds rigidity and extra features. All of these mods give me much more capability with my large alice pack.

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Use the outside compartments of your pack or MOLLE attachments for items you need to access frequently or easily, like flashlights, a tactical knife or multitool, radios and your first aid kit. The Foundation: Packing the Bottom of Your Bag. The bottom of your pack is for gear you only need to access when you're done carrying it for the day.

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The tactical MOLLE system is designed to organise your equipment in a reliabale and adaptable way. A lot of users use it wrong so learn how to do it right! About us. ... They're modular systems so your setup can be changed. They form a great way to organize your stuff.

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The cheapest option is to get a MOLLE II Assault Pack. You'd be able to carry what you need and add exterior pockets as your needs dictate later on. No OD. Comes in 3 shades of Camo. Keep the ALICE set-up and definitely build a Hellcat. Take your time and piece it together as you get what you need at the lowest prices you can.

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Side of pack; 5" wide, 6 rows and 3 slots for MOLLE (4.5" wide, with 1.5" spacing) gear. Bottom of pack; showing 3 rows and 4 slots for MOLLE or lashing straps. Back of pack; no frame sheet or padding at the moment, might add that later on. Full height of panel; showing the 6 rows and 6 slots for MOLLE equipment; same size as a MOLLE ...

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Assault Pack LIN:DA657E This is the issue assault pack distributed to deploying units. Can be worn alone or attached to the MOLLE Rucksack. Consists of a large main pocket, zippered front cargo pocket, and a small utility pocket with Velcro closure for smaller items. Also has a slot for a radio antenna or hydration drink tube. This assault pack is

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219 Posts. Discussion Starter · #4 · May 25, 2014. TDFbound said: Generally a sleeping bag is stored in the sleeping bag compartment within the ILBE. They named it the sleeping bag compartment for a reason. You can use the shovel pocket on the pack to hold the assault pack- just tighten the straps down on your assault pack and it'll work fine.

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However, for my EDC pack, I did choose a tactical style backpack. The molle system allows me to add and remove storage/items to my pack depending on my needs. This is both quick and easy. Tactical style packs are also usually made of more durable materials than their covert counterparts. EDC Bag Materials and Construction

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Rearrange and customize the way your gear is organized with our large selection of MOLLE backpacks. MOLLE, which means Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, allows you to attach additional pouches for increased storage capacity.. We offer many different types of backpacks with the MOLLE attachment system including the sling backpack, 3-day pack, military backpack, hydration pack, rifle ...

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How to assemble a MOLLE pack - A couple of weeks ago I ordered a MOLLE pack off of ebay. When it arrived I tried to put it together, and "trying" is about as far as I got. There was no way I was going to be able to put this MOLLE pack together without come help. So I looked through youtube...

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What Is MOLLE and Why You Should Care. [dropcap]M [/dropcap]OLLE (pronounced Molly, like the name), is the acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Molle gear is the current Army standard for equipment carrying load bearing packs worn by the combat soldier. NATO troops, especially the United States and Great Britain ...

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