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WW2 M40 Q66 German Waffen SS Helmet. Item H627: Exterior displays battlefield wear with approx 75% of the factory paint remaining. There is what appears to be a small arms bullet strike which left an indentation on the left side. There is also a circular spot of white paint on the left side. When that occurred is anyone's guess.

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Fine, Rare SS-VT / Waffen-SS M35, ET68. $ 18,750.00 Read more. ×. Send Enquiry for M35 Polizei Helmet, Named. Unauthorized Enquiry. 500 characters remaining. Send me a copy. Save my Name and Email in this browser for my next Enquiry/Quote Request. I allow the Site owner to contact me via email/phone to discuss this Enquiry.

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Waffen SS Helmet $ 145.99. 1 in stock. 1 in stock. Add to cart. Categories: Waffen SS Militaria, WW2 Waffen SS Insignia Tag: Waffen SS Helmet. Description ; Description. Waffen SS Helmet. Pot war Helmet with reproduction Decal. Size is 58 to 60 approx.

Waffen-SS Camouflage - 2. KOMPANIE

The Waffen-SS was the first branch of the German military to make use of camouflage smocks and helmet covers. The idea, conceived by Felix Steiner, had smocks in service as early as the invasion of Poland. This style of smock, known as a Type I was designed to be worn over the field equipment and were made very large, with a low waist band, and ...

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M35 Waffen-SS Helmet, Earliest Production! SKU: Wstm03. $ 10,000.00. This excellent example is an earlier production ET64 with about four layers of repaint. The outermost finish is a very grit tempered dark slate grey finish, with a fresh set of CA Pocher decals on top. The decals lay within multi layers of chipped and partially exposed earlier ...

WW2 Waffen-SS Helmet Restoration - YouTube

In this video, I will show full preservation of the German Waffen-SS Helmet M40 size 64 from the World War II. This helmet has been in the ground for 75 yea...

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Waffen SS helmet M35 / from Rzhev Product number: t1n7796. USD 400. Third Reich Waffen SS Battle damage, Decal. - 12% Waffen-SS helmet M40 / from Novgorod Product number: t1n5891. USD 850 USD 750. Third Reich Waffen SS Battle damage, Decal. - 20% Waffen-SS helmet / from Demyansk pocket Product number: t1n6233.

SOLD (jh) Published, Rare, Waffen-SS M35 Double Decal ...

This fine Waffen-SS M35 helmet is one of the scarcest that can be found, especially in this decent a condition. It is also featured in Ken N's famous book on Helmets. The manufacturer is EF (Emailler-werke Fulda), who we all know based on the nature of their helmets, were scrambling to ramp up to production capacity in the late prewar period.

Waffen-SS Helmet Decal from Hessen Antique

New high quality German Waffen SS helmet decals that are the proper size and colors with exact design replication. These come in pairs with Service and National Colors decals. There are several methods and techniques to do this. This is only a suggestion for our customers, we take no responsibility if you destroy your decals in the process!

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Got in this beautiful piece

Waffen SS Helmet Covers - 1944 Militaria

Our Waffen SS Helmet Covers they have the correct rocker hooks and stitched with gray or white thread. Palm/Forest & Planetree Patterns do not come with foliage loops. Made from the same fabric as our smocks. Please click on the photos below to see a larger photo. We ONLY have the Type I without foliage loops for Plane Tree/Overprint Helmet Covers.

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German M42 Waffen-SS steel helmet. Volunteer. German M42 Waffen SS steel helmet. Not typical grey-green colour, seen on police and SS earlier produced helmets. The helmet's liner is original to the helmet. Most likely, the decal has been depot applied. The stamps on the neck guard apron of the helmet are ET 66 and the lot number 3551. The ..

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Waffen-SS M42 Helmet + buckle + dog tag $ 0,00 Read more; Sold Out! Rotten Waffen-SS Helmet – Novgorod found $ 0,00 Read more; Sold Out! Waffen-SS M35 DD Helmet $ 0,00 Read more; Panzer Dog Tag – Stam.kp/Pz.Gren.Ers.Bt.50 $ 80,00 Add to cart; Danziger Type SA/SS Skull – Minsk found $ 250,00 Add to cart; Sold Out! Infantry Assault Badge ...

M42 German Waffen SS Helmet (Stahlhelm) Italy - WarHats.com

Waffen SS Helmet Italy. This refurbished genuine helmet shell & reproduction parts helmet is based on the Italian campaign of World War Two as used by the Waffen SS. The shell is genuine, the rest of the parts are reproduction and aged to look 70+ years old. It has a RAL7009 base and Italian Campaign camo tan paint finish.

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WW2 German Helmets ' WW2 German helmets which are fresh-to-the-market, the best-of-their-type, with original chinstraps, decals & more.' WW2 German helmets have featured strongly at Ulric of England since the late '70s. Today, our commitment to WW2 German helmets which are the best-of-their-type, and fresh-to-the-market, is recognised both nationally and globally; as a result, the German ...

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Fallschirmjäger Dobbel Decals M-38 Helmet. € 125.00. Luftwaffe Blue. Sold out! Waffen-SS Dobbel Decals M-35 Helmet. (Gray) € 125.00. Superb Waffen-SS Helmet with dobbel SS decals. Sold out!

Waffen-SS helmet cover and helmet set - Lux Military Antiques

Waffen-SS helmet cover and helmet set. A unique second type helmet cover consisting of a mixture of three camouflage patterns. Including Plane Tree, Oakleaf, and Blurred Edge patterns. On this cover one can observe the history of the camouflage patterns evolution. The center and left panels features an early Plane Tree No. 5/6 pattern.

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Allgemeine SS helmet – M16 Austrian shell. Originally this helmet was an Austrian Police helmet, the holes on the side would hold the Austrian bomb badge. Painted satin black for the SS, note that the interior under the leather still has the original green paint. Carries the Pocher SS runes and party shield. Photos courtesy of DougB.

Understanding WWII German helmet insignia

The SS. The SS went though a similar evolution in the use of helmet insignia. Early SS helmet from the 1920s do not have any insignia whatsoever. At some point the some SS units began using a white bordered black swastika hand rendered onto the left side of the helmet. In same cases the swastikas were white.

Second pattern Waffen-SS « Oak-Leaf » camouflage helmet cover

Stunning late-war Waffen-SS camouflage combat helmet cover. Helmet cover is constructed from a late « Oak-Leaf » camouflage material. The cover retains its factory applied and sewn foliage loops that are complete. The covers colors and patterns remain extra vivid and contrasting. The cover is in near mint unissued condition.


WAFFEN SS HELMETCOVER. reproduction. More details. This product is no longer in stock. Warning: Last items in stock! Availability date: Notify me when available. By buying this product you can collect up to 2 loyalty points. Your cart will total 2 loyalty points that can be converted into a voucher of 0,40 €.

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M42 Luftwaffe Single Decal, Service Used. $ 950.00 Add to cart. ×. Send Enquiry for Fine, Rare SS-VT / Waffen-SS M35, ET68. Unauthorized Enquiry. 500 characters remaining. Send me a copy. Save my Name and Email in this browser for my next Enquiry/Quote Request. I allow the Site owner to contact me via email/phone to discuss this Enquiry.

WWII Waffen SS Combat Helmet for Sale - From The Battle Of ...

The helmet was kept in the Nurse's basement so some lose to the liner is evident. If you want a true combat used Battle Of the Bulge Authentic Waffen SS combat helmet then this is a great piece. Nice period used helmet captured by a U.S. Veteran and brought …

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Third Reich Waffen SS Decal Waffen SS helmet M35 DD / from Demyansk pocket Product number: t1n8110. USD 220. Buy. Third Reich Luftwaffe Battle damage, Decal, From Stalingrad Luftwaffe helmet M40 / from Stalingrad Product number: t1n8108. USD 130. Buy.

German Helmet Decals - Waffen-SS

German Helmet Decals. Use both decals if you are doing a pre-war or early-war helmet. After experience in Poland and France, an order in 1940 called for the removal and omission of future tri-color shields (red-white-black striped shield for Heer & Luftwaffe, shield with swastika for the SS). The bright colors were just too visible.

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Great reproduction of German Luftwaffe paratrooper M38 helmet. This is the helmet was worn by the finest german soldiers in WWII - the german "Fallschirmjäger" of the Luftwaffe. Every little details of the original was taken care of. Weight with leather inlay circa 1,0 Kg/ 2 lbs - identical to the oringal.

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WAFFEN-SS & POLIZEI STEEL HELMETS. To see our complete inventory of Allgemeine & Waffen-SS items Click Here. S019976 M17 SS Black ET64 Transitional of SS-Mann "Horst Hartmann". S016475 ALLGEMEINE-SS "HIMLER STYLE" HELMET. S004470 FIRST PATTERN, OAK-LEAF "A" CAMOUFLAGE ...

WWII German M40 Waffen SS Single Decal Helmet Set (ET64 ...

This is an original and complete WWII German single decal Waffen SS M40 helmet set. It is in combat-used condition. The helmet's original feldgrau finish shows minor surface rust throughout. The original ET SS decal is in excellent condition; it was applied at a slight tilt, most likely to appear more aligned when marching. The helmet's inside brim is size stamped ET64 lot number 940, denoting ...

Double Decal German Waffen SS M35 Steel Helmet - YouTube

Double decal M35 as used by the SS. Check out the facebook page and give it a like: https://

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Austrian M-16 Transition Helmet for the SS (Item WAF 4-5; HELM 1-3). DESCRIPTION:This refurbished helmet is very similar to the one shown on page 185 of the book, The History of the German Steel Helmet: 1916-1945, by Baer.This would be what is described as the medium-green reissue to the SS-Verfügungstruppe, the predecessor of the Waffen-SS.The helmet is in a fairly large size.

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Waffen SS Oak B Helmet Cover . Nice print, Reversable more info. 15401 — Blurred edge Helmet Cover RUM355. This Waffen SS Blurred Edge helmet Cover is a superb reproduction with great detailing and super... more info. 15399 — Italian Cam Trousers With Leg Pocket RUM366. £49.99.